The Sparrow Projects

Two sparrows for one cent


Compliments of Lin, the graphic designer…


Home Studio

So this… Is where I’m working. Well, if you call it working.


Life in the Philippines is laid back – very laid back. The people value laughter and hospitality above everything but food. They take pride in the fact that they never expect anything in return for their goodwill and generosity. I have had the privilege of living in two different communities – a village in Banaue and a study center in central Manila. Although very different in terms of social standings and education, the two communities have blessed me in several ways.

The Philippines – one of my last ports while serving on the Logos Hope. Shortly, I will be flying home, possibly from Thailand, to be reunited with Stephanie my girlfriend. There I will begin producing an album featuring some of the songs I have written during my time on the ship. If you would like to support me, you can do so by sponsoring a copy of my album.

Sparrow Projects

Hello world! I’m beginning to think that jumping off this waterfall wasn’t such a good idea after all… So many things ran through my mind when I was standing at the edge. But now that I’m falling, the only thing I can think of is if the water is deep enough. But here it is. Very basic, very raw, extremely empty. But it is here – the Sparrow Projects. I’ll be doing the project’s debut album when my feet land back home in a couple of months. The field I’d like to write about is the ship called the Logos Hope – my home for the past two years. If you have no idea what this is all about, explore this site.